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Friday, November 27, 2015

My mineral make up was causing my face to itch and dry out.

Posted by chrystibella on July 31, 2009

I’ve been having an allergic reaction on my face for months.  My face would get red blotches that felt like a sunburn, my eyes would get puffy and my face and neck would itch like crazy and burn when I scratched.  Then my skin got dry and flaky.  I never once attributed it to my make up because I was using mineral make up and that’s supposed to be the purest make up to use.  It doesn’t even expire.  I had been using the mineral make up for years with no problems so of course I didn’t even think of it.

I kept thinking I was having a food allergy.  At first I thought perhaps it was  from red wine because it happened after I had drank wine one night.  So I cut out wine.  Then I thought perhaps it was the tomato juice or the beer I would drink on Saturday nights because every Sunday morning I would wake up to the itching, puffy face.  I was taking benadryl every day to ward off the allergy.  By Tuesday my face would begin to stop itching but it would be dry and flaky all week.  So much so that I didn’t wear make up at all during the week and only wore it on Saturday nights when we went out to the local VFW for karaoke.

The break outs occurred after an event, the event meant I was wearing makeup.   This week I decided I was going to go with out make up all week and that I wouldn’t even wear it on Saturday night just to see if it was my make up that I was allergic to.  So then I did an internet search to see if mineral make up caused any allergic reactions.  And viola!  There is was!  There were forums about it!  How could I have missed this for so long?!?

Most Mineral make up contains Bismuth Oxychloridein.   Is Mineral Make Up Causing My Skin To Ich also listed other ingredients that can irritate skin.  Not all mineral make up has bismuth oxychlordein so you can find brands that won’t irritate your skin.  The Mineral Make Up Blog has some great information about different brands.  From everything I have read, Aromaleigh is said to be one of the best.  I don’t know for sure because I have not tried it.  Aromaleigh does not contain bismuth oxychloridein.

I also read that make up brushes can cause skin irritation.  You can wash your brushes using shampoo.  I did this yesterday and all of my brushes look like new.  I normally do wash them but you do need to do this at least every two weeks.   How to wash make up brushes explains the details.

So now I know what has been causing my skin irritation.  I’m throwing out all of my mineral make up and starting over.   I just bought new mascara a couple weeks ago and I have under eye stuff so what I’ll need is some foundation, blush and an eye shadow set.  I’m not going mineral just yet.  Instead, I’m opting for Physicians Forumla.  It’s supposed to be less hypoallergenic, yet according to this article,  Are “Hypoallergenic” Cosmetics Really Better?, you can’t even trust what advertising says about a product, you have to look at the ingredients.  I’m just going with the Physicians Forumala make up right now because it is inexpensive and I’ve used it before with no problems.  I may eventually venture back into using some mineral make up.  I want to try the Aromaleigh at some point.  But when you have to throw our all of your make up and start over, it can be pricey.

Note:  I’m adding this to my post.  I had been using Bella Pierre Mineral makeup and I found out that it does not contain the bizmuth oxychloridein.  In fact most of what I found on the web regarding Bella Pierre was positive.  It is one of the purest mineral make ups out there.  So then I was even more puzzled!  I kept searching and found out that there is another ingredient that can cause skin irritation.  Carmine.   It does contain Carmine.  Which I must be allergic to.  I am so sad to have to part with my mineral make up, not only is it expensive but I really loved the way it looked.  Ever since I stopped using it and started using the Physician’s Formula make up, my face stopped itching and getting hives.  So I am pretty sure it was something in the mineral make that was causing it.

* Carmine
In spite of that carmine has been approved by the FDA as safe to use in color cosmetics it is not recommended for people with sensitive skin.  Carmine is a dark red pigment made of the crushed shells of cochineal beetles which are dried, ground and added to the cosmetic base. It has been stated that severe allergic reactions can develop.

Mineral make up can help you create radiant, glowing skin. To prevent the development of allergy to mineral make up you need to look through the ingredient list before buying the cosmetics.

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