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Saturday, November 28, 2015

More recipes and homemade girl scout cookies!

Posted by chrystibella on August 8, 2009

I love the web!  I rarely use cook books anymore.  If I want a recipe I do a search on the Internet and get some great options and find new things I wasn’t even looking for.  This morning I was doing a search for baked eggs and found this:

Here is a really great blog that has recipes for all kinds of yummy delicious foods.  It is called Baking Bites.   There are even recipes for making homemade Girl Scout cookies!   The Thin Mints are my favorite so I am definitely going to try this one.

I have added this website to my links so that I remember where it is.  I always do that when I find something that I want to return to.  With so much info on the web it’s easy to misplace or forget a good site when I come across one.

Here are more of the recipes for the Homemade Girl Scout Cookies:


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